Tibet Weather – Best Time to Travel Tibet


The great journey time in Tibet is usually from April to November. But it also depends on wherein you would love to visit. In the decrease altitude locations which include Lhasa, Tsedang, Gyantse, Shigatse and Nyingchi, you could journey any time within the yr. The weather in those regions is mild, no extremely coldness or hotness. In the winter season of December – March, even though it’s miles very bloodless however you may see much less vacationers and at some point of the time, the fee for accommodation and vehicle apartment can be lower as well. And iciness season additionally offers a extra chance to view the grand Mt. Everest sincerely.

July and August are the wet seasons in Tibet, particularly night time rain simplest which usually might not have an effect on your sightseeing inside the day time however will bring some problem to trekking tours. This two months ought to see about half of the yearly rain in Tibet.

April, October and November regularly convey some magnificent clear weather and you could feel very at ease inside the decrease altitude places.

For some popular tours, you may want to note the subsequent weather restrictions:

The Everest Region: though the Lhasa-Everest-Lhasa tour is available during the yr, the Lhasa-Everest-Kathmandu overland tour can be not possible in a few snow time in Jan or Feb, particularly the Old Tingri – Nyalam – Zhangmu element.
Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar in addition to the Northern Tibet (including Namtso Lake): commonly no longer passable in wintry weather seasons from December to March.
Eastern Tibet: try to keep away from traveling the Sichuan-Tibet dual carriageway in the rainy seasons of July and August.
Besides the above climate problems you shall recall whilst planning a tour to Tibet, you need to get organized for the strong sun radiation and huge temperature difference among day and night for journeying there as properly.

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